This Night Vision Camera Is Awesome

There is nothing more demoralizing than being bombarded with obnoxious advertisements for the latest scam product. Usually it has some offensively gimmicky name like the TactiCool 6 Billion FireBall flashlight or the HD720 UltraZoomerPro. It’s become like clockwork at this point.

In a world of scandalous advertising, it can be difficult to find quality consumer products. However, it’s important to not become too jaded because occasionally good products do come along.

What you see above is a night vision monocular. It is essentially a camcorder which is tuned to a spectrum of light which is invisible to humans but visible to camera sensors. The little flashlight underneath the lens showers the environment with infrared light which is how it sees.

Because it is based on a camcorder platform, it comes equipped with a variety of functions which you don’t get with traditional night vision devices. It can zoom (both optically and digitally), record videos, take pictures, playback media, and even output the video feed to a larger monitor. It truly is a jack of all trades.

We’ll saves you the sales pitch. If you’re interested, click the button below to learn more. We have sourced this product at the best possible price and redesigned it from the ground up. It ships directly from our warehouse in Boston, MA and includes a free rechargeable lithium-ion battery (for the next two weeks only)