TakLite MaxPro AA LED Flashlight

The MaxPro AA is the brightest alkaline flashlight we stock. Featuring a 450 lumen output and dual battery configuration, the MaxPro AA offers a greater battery capacity than competing alkaline products. Constructed from 6061-T6 aluminum, the MaxPro is durable, convenient, and leads as one of the brightest pen style flashlights on the market.

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MaxPro AA | The Future Of Alkaline

With lithium's recent rise in popularity, it can be easy to forget the advantages of traditional alkaline power. Simple, dependable, and widely available - all characteristics consumers are looking for in a regular every day flashlight. The MaxPro's alkaline compatibility seeks to bridge this gap by offering modern day power without sacrificing the safety and widespread availability of alkaline batteries.

The improved safety profile of alkaline batteries makes the MaxPro perfect for children or the elderly.

MaxPro AA | The Ultimate In Pen Flashlights

Pen style flashlights are considered by many to be a lost art. While many prefer to store their flashlights on their duty belt, the convenience and accessibility of a solid shirt-clipped flashlight has yet to be beat. The MaxPro AA's durable belt clip and pen-style design makes it easy to use for any on-the-job application.

Unlike previous generation alkaline flashlights, the MaxPro AA uses our new XM-L2-U2 diode which offers an approximate 10% increase in brightness. Furthermore, the MaxPro AA is equipped with stainless steel components to ensure durability.

Your order includes: MaxPro AA Flashlight, TWO Duracell (AA) Batteries, Removable Belt Clip, Retail Packaging

MaxPro AA | Lifetime Warranty

Like all TakLite products, your purchase is backed by a lifetime warranty guaranteeing it to be free from manufacturer defects. If you buy a flashlight from us, we will make sure it works for life. That is our promise to you.


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