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Aviator Pro Extreme Scope

By: Andrew Grover | September 28th 2020

The Aviator Pro Extreme is the latest gadget to take the internet by storm. It features a proprietary SuperZoom technology which makes it easy to hone in on a target from thousands of feet away. Just check out this crazy video.

It works through a special technology which is optimized for smartphone camera sensors. The device is among the first specifically engineered for this purpose.

Because it works with your phone, you retain the ability to take pictures, record video, and zoom. You can also use it with your favorite social media apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and even Twitter.

We’ll save you the sales pitch. If you’re interested, simply click the link below to learn more. For this week only, we are offering a free tripod with all purchases.

Quantity Update: as of 10/20/2020 there is currently only 500 units remaining